Silverlight: Getting Started

Silverlight is not the easiest thing to get good at. In fact even if you are a seasoned .NET developer I would still call it a non trivial venture. Over at there’s a good short list on what to do if you want / or have to get into Silverlight development. Essentially he, Jesse Liberty, says:

“1. Go to the GetStarted page and download the components you need

2. Work your way through #1-5 in the “Start Learning Silverlight” section on that same page

3. Take a look at my Key Topic on Starting Silverlight (see the sidebar on the right)

4. Take a look at the Silverlight How-Do-I videos, picking subjects that seem interesting to you.

5. Join the forums, especially the Getting Started forum. They are the very best place to get fast answers. See my Note On Posting Questions On Forums.