Windows MultiPoint Server 2010

Built on top of Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 seems to be bring back the days of the mainframe.

The general goal of MultiPoint Server is to reduce costs for certain types of businesses and schools . The solution works by having one server feeding multiple mice, keyboards, speakers and monitors. Each session provides a user with a unique Remote Desktop to the MultiPoint Server. In other words, the dumb terminal once again makes a return. (Needless to say MultiPoint faces stiff competition from the likes of Userful Corporation, the world leader in multiseat Linux desktop virtualization.)

When I looked at it I immediately thought about how this would work at home and at the office. Wireless keyboards, and mice complimented with wireless monitor adapters (that can support audio!) connected to your television? That would make my life very easy and very much cheaper at home.

 It also could be very useful for development shops with small budgets.