Maemo: An Overview

We’re under a deluge of iPhone OS and Android updates these days. However there are plenty of other interesting if not equal options out there. Maemo from Nokia may be one… Especially with what David Rivas, Nokia’s vice president for devices R&D, had said when he was asked about operator customization: “Very clearly Apple, Android are a whole lot less about providing customization to the operators and a whole lot more about providing a really cool, compelling value proposition to the end-consumer. We have an opportunity that we are going to take advantage of, with Maemo platform to play the game a little bit more along those lines than with Symbian lines.

If you’re not familiar with Maemo, a good place to start is here:

Maemo is an operating system for the Internet Tablet line of handheld computers. It was originally named “Internet Tablet OS”.

It is similar to many handheld operating systems, and features a “Home” screen—the central point from which all applications and settings are accessed. The Home Screen is divided into areas for launching applications, a menu bar, and a large customisable area that can display information such as an RSS reader, Internet radio player, and Google search box. Based on Debian GNU/Linux, it draws much of its GUI, frameworks, and libraries from the GNOME project. It also uses the Matchbox window manager, and the GTK-based Hildon as its GUI and application framework. All pretty sweet stuff if you’re into it…

Release history

Version Codename Build identifier Release date Notes
OS2005 1.1 2.2005.45-1 November 2005
3.2005.51-13 December 2005
5.2006.13-7 April 2006
OS2006 2.0 Mistral 0.2006.22-21 May 2006 Beta release
1.2006.26-8 May 2006
2.1 Scirocco 2.2006.39-14 November 2006
2.2 Gregale 3.2006.49-2 January 2007 Final Nokia-supported OS for 770
OS2007 3.0 Bora 2.2006.51-6 January 2007
3.1 3.2007.10-7 March 2007
3.2 4.2007.26-8 July 2007
4.2007.38-2 October 2007 SDHC corruption fix
OS2008 4.0 Chinook 1.2007.42-18 November 2007 (N810 only)
1.2007.42-19 November 2007 Kernel upgrade only (N810 only)
1.2007.44-4 November 2007 Beta release (N800 only)
2.2007.50-2 November 2007
2.2007.51-3 January 2008 NOLO upgrade only
4.1 Diablo 4.2008.23-14 June 2008 Adds SSU support
4.2008.30-2 August 2008 First SSU update
4.2008.36-5 September 2008
5.2008.43-7 December 2008
Maemo 5 5.0 Fremantle Bundled community-supported Qt libraries
? Harmattan Bundled officially supported Qt libraries