VirtualBox 3.1

Monday was a good day for VirtuaBox. With the 3.1 release, live migration and radically improved snapshot abilities amongst others confirm my confidence in this solution to which I migrated all my virtual machines to this year. I chose VirtualBox as my new preferred standard as it was simple, unbloated, and multiplatform.

Live Migration aka Teleportation in VirtualBox allows one to move virtualized guest environments from one physical computer to another while the guest environment is still running. Minor for desktop users, major for data centers as it allows on the fly physical resource workload management. Right now it is limited as:

  1. It is only invokable via the command line
  2. Disk images must reside on shared storage
  3. Identical VM configurations must exist at source and destination
  4. Intel to AMD chipset moves are a bad idea

Snapshots now supports branching. A massive convenience indeed…

Download the latest versionhere: