DragonFly BSD: updated to version 2.6.1

DragonFly BSD, the FreeBSD fork, has been updated to version 2.6.1 with a number of new features whilst updating the components of the clustering oriented operating system.

  • A new swapcache has been incorporated which allows the swap space to also retain clean filesystem data and meta-data rather than just memory. Swapcache has “an enormously positive effect on system performance”. As an example, the developers say a 40GB SSD drive can cache around 80 million inodes for fast directory operations “almost acting like extended memory”.
  • The HAMMER filesystem has been updated to version 4 and now supports a REDO capability for fast, crash-recoverable fsync operations and the developers have ported NetBSD’s implementations of memory efficient tmpfs and POSIX message queues to DragonFly BSD.
  • An updated Linuxlator for i386 which now runs java and flash with a new, but compatible, watchdog framework.
  • Hardware support has also been improved with the incorporation of drivers for the Atheros AR8131/AR8132 and Intel Pro/1000 network cards.

Full details of the changes are in the release notes.