What firmware is your Samsung Windows Mobile 7 phone running?

With the current batch of Samsung Windows Mobile 7 phones figuring out which firmware version you have is a unnecessarily complicated process. Especially if you’re looking to see if your update is going to work or not…
To get to it do the following:
  1. From the phone’s dialer, type “##634#", then press call. 
  2. This probably will start up the Samsung Diagnosis application but even if it does not it will create an icon for it in the phone’s programs list called “”.
  3. From the Diagnosis application, type “*#1234#". This will show a screen of detailed version information. 
  4. For checking to see if your phone will upgrade it is the first three version numbers (for “PDA”, “Phone”, and “CSC”) that are relevant. If the firmware versions are older (JIx, JJx) then the update probably will not work; if they are more recent (JKx) it probably will