Mockup tool: Balsamiq Mockups

A very, very useful tool and worth the cost, $79 USD is Balsamiq Mockups. It works because Balsamiq Mockups intentionally uses hand-drawn UI elements, so that people don’t get attached to “that pretty color gradient” or think that your mockup has actual code behind it and is “practically done”…

Consulting: It’s just Common sense

Consulting is difficult. You have to know a couple of things to get it all to work properly.

  • You have to know your “stuff”
  • You have to know how to read peoples expectations
  • You have to know how to communicate your stuff to people
  • You have to know in what way you can trust those around you
  • You have to know your own limitations
  • You have to know when to call it a day on a “bad” project

The last one can be the toughest… Typically you get to this juncture from one of three paths

  1. You can’t get them, the client, to their goal.
  2. Focus is on cost rather than net results.
  3. Nobody can see anything other than failure.

Seeing those points written down starts to make it all seem easy but real life really does make the water much more murky. It is no coincidence that each sentence starts with “You have to know“. It is also no coincidence that these points apply equally to real life…

Success is measured as equally by inward as outward focus.

So, it is not easy but when any, or all, of these stars start to align it is best to bring the issue to front, acknowledge the possible mismatch, and if appropriate refer them to somebody else.