SharePoint 2010 Workflow: Creating a simple Bid / No Bid Decision Process Workflow

Implementing workflow with SharePoint starts with formally defining a process into UML. Doing so makes all the steps and their logical consequences clear. The first and most frequent mistake I see made is not identifying the true stakeholders in the process. More often than not sales submit the data to administration who then re purpose some or most of it for the next person in the chain and so. Following the trail can prove to be rather revelatory to say the least! 
Once sign off on the workflow is attained there are decisions to be made. 
The first order of business is to look at the final of the workflow and determine if any of the out of the box workflows be used…
The out of the box workflows in SharePoint 2010 are approval based i n nature. The good news is that 
they are easy to work with via the browser allowing you to specify due dates etc. The better news is that you can now use SharePoint Designer 2010 to re mold these workflows as you need. You can copy and then edit these, allowing you to add in your own fields, task assignment methods, etc. You can also reuse these workflows with different lists.
Can SharePoint Designer 2010 handle the features required for this workflow to function?