IE10 Preview

Microsoft today has announced the availability of the second platform preview for its upcoming browser, Internet Explorer 10. The first platform preview was released in April. This new platform preview contains the same HTML5 engine seen in the recent public Windows 8 demos!

IE10 continues IE9’s precedent of enabling Web applications to do more in the browser without plug-ins. It also continues the pattern of offloading work to the parts of a PC that are best suited for them, like the GPU for graphics, and different processor cores for background compilation of JavaScript. Microsoft has been working on tying together Internet Explorer 10’s Trident rendering engine with Windows 8. Microsoft is expecting developers to use HTML5, Javascript, and CSS to build new immersive apps for Windows 8 and this new browser is yet another tool in doing so. Keep in mind that this platform preview has no toolbar, no address bar, and none of the regular menus.

You can read the full change list in the IE10 developer guide: here

Download Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2: Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2